Crypto FAQ

Crypto FAQ

Where can I get a wallet?

The Brave browser is based on Chrome has a wallet built in.

MetaMask is probably the most widely used wallet and works with all browsers and has a mobile app.

For mobile users, we recommend Brave or the Coinbase wallet app.

How do I get stable coins?

Coinbase offers free conversions from US dollars to USDC (the stable coin equivalent) if you connect your bank account.

You can also use Ramp or Moonpay to purchase stable coin directly from inside your wallet.

What is MATIC and why do I need it?

Polygon runs on MATIC the same way Ethereum runs on ETH, it’s just a lot cheaper! Every transaction on the blockchain costs a small amount of MATIC. It’s used to pay for the global network of computers that keep the blockchain working.

How do I get MATIC?

Getting your first MATIC is the hardest part of being on the blockchain. The easiest way is to use an exchange like Coinbase (or Binance) to buy a small amount of MATIC and USDC and send it to your wallet.