How do I get Stable Coins?

How do I get Stable Coins?

If you haven’t got a Wallet set up, go do that first!(INSERT LINK)

BackedBy operates on the Polygon blockchain, which has a native token called MATIC, so first you’ll need some of that, and then we’ll move on to the Stable Coin USDC.

Each individual wallet will vary, but the important steps are listed here:

If at any point your wallet prompts you to get “ETH” – you don’t need that to use BackedBy so you can skip it.

Find the option to ADD CRYPTO and then you’ll need to specify which one.
The crypto we want is on the “Polygon” network, this is very important to select, so make sure of that before clicking the final BUY/ADD button.  Most tools will give you a final preview before this.
Within the Polygon network we’re looking for “MATIC”.  Recommended purchase amount is only $20USD worth.  The Polygon network is inexpensive to use.

After you’ve got some MATIC in your wallet, we’re moving on to the stable coins – USDC.
Adding them is a very similar process – find your wallet’s ADD CRYPTO option again and this time:
The crypto we want is still on the “Polygon” network, but this time we want “USDC”.  Depending on how much you plan on backing creators, $100 is usually a good starting point.  You can add more as-needed.